Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Air the Natural Healer

The greatest of all natural ingredients is the air we breathe. Even the physicist recognizes that “Nature abhors vacuum”. The oxygen we consume from the air combines with other elements to give life. This is why the scripture said that “God breathed into the nostrils the breath of life and man becomes the living being”. Are you still wondering the spiritual nature of the air we breathe? Air is a vital life force and it gives energy to living cells. It helps our system to function properly. The brain for example cannot survive without oxygen. When breathe in air, the body absorbs oxygen and circulate it throughout the rest of the body.
Many exercises has been done in the past regarding the essentials of air as a whole and oxygen in part. We are yet to exploit the abundant usages of the air. If you are not aware, air is enough to heal or initiate the healing processes in a sick body. At the end of any individual the only thing taken away is just the air and man becomes to decay. Have you bonder to find out why the body decays when the breath of life is taken away? We are open for consultancy at

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